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UC Berkeley & Stanford Graduate Team
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eCommerce Web Design Company in San Francisco
Smartphone App Development in San Francisco
Product Sale App
Dating App Development San Francisco
Travel Deal App Development
Dating Smartphone App Development
Food App Development San Francisco

Leading Smartphone Application & Website Development Company

eCommerce Web Design Company in San Francisco
Smartphone App Development in San Francisco
Product Sale App
Dating App Development San Francisco
Travel Deal App Development
Dating Smartphone App Development
Food App Development San Francisco

UC Berkley & Stanford Graduate Team
Sub-Offices in India & Israel
Sharpest Minds. Affordable Solutions

Smart IT Concepts – About Us

Smart It Concepts was born with the endeavor of a UC Berkeley student, Moe Kakar, that studied business stats and linguistics. With the knowledge acquired from these two distinct, unique majors Kakar was able to connect with businesses around the globe and start IT projects around the world, especially IT, Website, & App Development in Sunnyvale – the heart of Silicon Valley (even in About Us section, we must mention the name of the city + mention the quality of the city if its possible, for example, as I mentioned “Sunnyvale – the heart of Silicon Valley”). Over the last decade, Smart It Concepts transferred into a company with graduates from UC Berkeley and Stanford, India, Israel, and Dubai that work on developing custom websites and management systems. The company also specializes in iOS and Android app development and global branding. We can transform your Silicon Valley Business into a global brand with means of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media, and Animated Videos with 2D and 3D graphics, Professional Press Releases shared with some of the best Press Release companies like Google, Associated Press, Reuters, Yahoo, and more…
Smart It Concepts Leading IT Company

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Android Face Recognition App Development
Dating Android App Developer App San Francisco
Restaurant Food Android App
JournAlong Android App Developer
Al Ansari Money Exchange App Developer
Vola App Developer
Tutored Android App Developer
Health Android App Developer
Real Estate Android App Developer San Francisco
Real Estate App Developer

Smart App Application Development of Sunnyvale – Android & iOS

Opting for Smart IT Concepts custom app development services in Sunnyvale offers many advantages to help you transform your new idea into reality, an app. Our developers & designers will do a one-on-one consultation, discuss your needs and then make wire-frames, give you suggestion for the color options for your app. From initial wire-framing to helping you build the best algorithm for your app based on your preferences, our team will help you throughout the process. We can make your app multiple log-in options integrated with Facebook, Instagram, or even Linkedin accounts. From dating apps to technology apps, new music apps to traveling apps, money management to leisure party apps, we have worked on App projects in all fields over the last decade.

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Complete Smartphone Application Development Process
Custom Website Design Company in San Francisco

Custom Website Development Company of Sunnyvale, Silicon Valley

There are many Web Development Companies in Sunnyvale, Silicon Valley that offer basic websites to custom, more complex websites. The thing that differentiates us from many of these companies is that we started in the Bay Area, Berkeley & San Francisco with staff of UC Berkeley and Stanford University graduates. It just does not end there, you get the quality of Berkeley and Stanford brains and the prices that are very reasonable. Our staff in the Silicon Valley collaborates with out outsourced staff in India, we are able to cut the price of the projects by a considerable amount. Each website project in Sunnvalle that we work can be offered in:

  • Custom WordPress with unique mock-up design & HTML. We don’t work on already made templates – your website will be unique in the world.
  • Custom PHP, Joomla, & Magento Website.
  • Option to integrate Animated & other professional videos that we can make for you
  • Custom art work and graphic designing.
  • Full E-Commerce Websites

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Software Development

Many Silicon Valley Software development companies offer already developed (pre-made) software for a generic usage, however, businesses often run into trouble of not liking many features or not being able to utilize many features for their business needs. At Smart IT Concepts, we have developed many great ready to use software for businesses, however, we specialize in creating custom software, based on our clients preferences – you dream it, we bring it to reality. We offer software in different programing languages like:
C+, PHP, .NET, SQL, JAVA, Swift, or the choice of your programing language.
We work across many different platforms. Uses of custom software can be in the following fields:

  • Inventory management
  • Algorithms
  • Mass Marketing Campaign
  • Product Quality Control
  • Entire Business Management
  • Custom fields
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Custom Software Development Company
SEO Marketting in San Francisco by Smart It Concepts


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Animated Business Video Development Company

The cost to hire a full staff of models and actors is very high. Only multimillion dollar companies are able to get production companies to offer them such promotional videos. Smart IT Concepts can offer an alternative to real production videos: the animated business promotion videos for your Sunnyvale Business can help you get the exposure you need on Youtube, Instagram, and even publish the video on your website to get the professional look for your business. In these videos, we can do 2D or 3D graphics with speech in the choice of American, British, or even Australian English accent. We will do an initial discussion with you about the characters that you want us to animate, other graphics that you need in the video, and any other preference. Our production team will then work hard to deliver you an exceptional video in a quick time-frame and reasonable pricing. We have worked with many companies that need these videos in bulk. So, we are capable of delivering multiple videos for your business in a day.

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Business Animation Video Production Company in San Francisco
Business Call Recording Software Company

Business Call Recording & Management Software

Smart IT Concepts has worked for many travel related and consumer sales businesses for over the last decade. With the growth of the company comes the immense need of customer service. It is very important that the businesses calls are recorded for quality assurance purpose. However, it is impossible to search for the right customer from hundreds of calls that you might receive. That’s when our services come in handy. We work with other API services like Twilio and Ring-Central to give you custom record of call tracking, call recording, converting calls into quotes, marking them as good or bad leads, and then eventually converting into sales or reservations. You could also choose to send your customers text messages or even emails from the software. All of these custom features can set with graphics according to your needs. Benefits of Business Call Recording & Management for your Sunnyvale Business:

  • Better Customer Service Experience
  • Increases Sales
  • Saves time for accounting & organizing work
  • It can eliminate most of theft or trust issues that you might have with your staff.

Along with business call recording and management, we also design custom dispatch software for trucking, limo, and transportation companies in Sunnyvale and Bay Area. The dispatch software helps companies manage drivers, assign jobs, listen to call recordings, manage accounts, set up online sales, vehicle tracking, and much more…

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