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About Us

Smart It Concepts is a Leading Mobile App Development Company in Silicon Valley. The best team of Android App Developers in San Francisco and iOS iPhone App developers in San Francisco are employed by Smart IT’s Silicon Valley team from Palo Alto, Ca. With Moe Kakar, a UC Berkeley Graduate, Smart IT Concepts started as a software development company in 2007. Since then Smart IT Concepts has developed custom software and website projects for many companies in California and across the globe. In 2011, Smart IT started to make mobile phone applications. With the best Silicon Valley developers/San Francisco app development team, Smart IT Concepts made Apps in the field of entertainment, business, banking, dating, multimedia, and more… Now, with sub-offices in Tel Aviv, Israel and Noida, India, Smart IT Concepts handles many projects in the Middle East and worldwide in Asian countries, while maintaining top clients in Silicon Valley and the US. Whether you need a Native iOS iPhone App in Swift or a Native Android App In Java, Smart IT has the sharpest developers. Their developers can do the backend programming in Node.JS, C-sharp, PHP in Laravel format, and Python. Smart IT’s motto is Sharpest Minds and affordable solutions for their customers.

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Our Simple Process of Dealing with our clients:

Our Pricing Model:

Per Hour Basis

$20 per hour
  • Hire our developers on hourly basis per your needs.
  • Hire for just a few hours to full time dedicated staff per week.
  • Silicon Valley developers at discounted rates.

Monthly Contract

$20 per hour
  • Hire your desired # of App Developers.
  • Pay One Monthly Charge.

Partial Modules

$20 per hour
  • Does your team/business needs help to develop a complex part of your project?
  • Hire our team only to build a specific module/part of your project.
  • Save Money

Fixed Price

$20 per hour
  • We will quote you a fixed price for your project.
  • We’ll also give you a time frame to finish your project.
  • In the end, you’ll have a completed project & a smile on your face.

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iOS Business Application Developer
Business Applications
iOS Chat Application Developer
IOS & Android Chat Applications
iOS AR/VR App Developer
AR/VR Apps
Health & Fitness iOS Applications
Health & Fitness Apps
Utility Apps
Utility Applications
NFC Apps
NFC Applications
Multimedia Application Developer
Multimedia Apps
VoIP Application Developer
VoIP Applications
News Applications Developer
News Applications
Geo-Location Apps
Geo-Location Apps
Weather App for iPhone
Weather Applications
Gaming Apps
Gaming Apps

Want any of these models or need a special app?

Take the Right step, Choose Smart IT Concepts! Here’s Why

Alluring iOS App

Alluring Native iOS & Android Apps

With more than 40 completed projects in iOS & Android App Projects, we proudly boast that we are gurus in Native app development.
Bug Free iOS App Developer

Bug-Free Apps

Our app developers are seasoned app developing veterans from San Francisco/Silicon Valley, so they know how to build Bug-Free apps. Also, every app project is tested many times to give you that impeccable result.
Latest iOS App Development Tools

Latest Development Tools

Technology of the past and shortscut are used by some companies because of their lack of ability to develop powerful apps, we build apps in Swift, Java. Node.Js, Python, while giving you affordable solutions.
Rapid iOS App Build Up

Rapid Build Up

We are masters of coding, design, APIs, we know how to save time. So, we are able to build strong & reliable apps, while saving team to do rapid app builds.
iOS App Planned Evaluation

Planned Evaluation

Our team draws calculated blue-print for your entire project before hand. We like to plan things to perfection. It saves times and develops a error free, robust app that you deserve.
iOS Dedicated App Developers

Dedicated Developers

We believe providing you dedicated developers for app brings better results. Thus, we take limited amount of projects, to provide you dedicated top-level app developers from Silicon Valley.
iOS App Development Team San Francisco

Adaptable Engagement Model

Do you only need an app development team for a small task/module that you cannot do? Our team can be those app gurus that you need to complete that task that might have not been able to do.
iOS Adaptable To Changes

Adaptable To Changes

We keep an eye on Apple and Android store policies, we design apps to follow the important guidelines to give you the limelight that you deserve on the app stores.

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iOS OBJECTIVE C language for Apps
SWIFT language for iOS Apps
Android Language Java for Apps
iOS Cocoa Touch Framework iOS Apps
Cocoa Touch
Dragger 2 framework for Android Apps
Dragger 2
Glide framework Android Apps
Gradle framework for Android Apps
Ion framework for Android Apps
Volley Framework for Android Apps
Butter Knife framework
Butter Knife
Android Studio IDE
Android Studio
ECLIPSE IDE for Android Apps
Core Data database iOS Apps
Core Data
SQLite database Android Apps
Realm database Android Apps
MYSQL database Android Apps
CASSANDRA database Android Apps


Smart IT Concepts has proven its excellence in iOS & Android App development in San Francisco, Bay Area, and globally. Here are some of the projects that we undertook.
Trulia iPhone Real Estate App
iOS trulia app developer


We designed this app to help people find their dream homes from the most professional real estate agents at the best prices possible.

  • Property Search
  • Local Scoop
  • Mortgage Calculator
  • Connect With Realtors
app store
google play
iCare Health iPhone application
icare app logo


Are you doctor or a health related company that needs to offer your clients the convenience of technology? You have come to right place, we’re gurus of health care Android and iOS apps.

  • Variety of measures
  • Fast Check
  • Keep Data Records
  • Implement Health Plans
app store
google play
real estate iOS helpr application developer
helpr iOS app logo


We prepared an app that helps people choose the right plumber, electrician, and other home repair and construction providers for their house work. Reviews, distance of provider to your location are some of factors that contribute to algorithm for searches on the app

  • Choose a service
  • Service that’s on time
  • Book Skilled Professionals
  • Get Up-front cost estimates
app store
google play
JournAlong App Developer
JournAlong iOS App Developer


Its an app, which is under development, that will help travelers meet with other travelers across the world and do fun activities.

  • Travel Matches
  • Find Local Travel Deals
  • Find Cheap House Rentals
  • Play Online Games
Al Ansari Exchange App Development
Al Ansari Exchange iOS App Developer

Al Ansari Exchange

An app that we developed for a leading Money exchange company in the Middle East. It makes things convenient for people to send money to countries like India, Sri-Lanka and other Indian sub-continent countries.

  • Transfer Money Worldwide from Middle East
  • Get the current money exchange rates
  • Track and monitor transactions
  • Gives people investment advice
Volaloans iOS App Development Team
Volaloans iOS App Developer


Volaloans helps students get immediate small funding while going to universities. You can easily make a profile and get same day approvals.

  • Student Loans in the U.S.
  • Same day approval
  • Advice blog for the students
Taxi Berlin iOS App Developer
Taxi Berlin App Developer

Taxi Berlin

A robust taxi app designed by us. People can order cab service, track their cab, read reviews, pay on the app, & get a record of their overall trips.

  • Order Taxi
  • Track Taxi Cab
  • Rate the Drivers
  • Pay from the App
app store
google play
Tutored iOS App Developer
Tutored iOS App Developer


An app that we built that helps students to decide what fields to get education in, prepare their resumes, and find jobs.

  • Gives Academic Advice
  • Resume Preparation Help
  • How to get Job Interviews
  • How to organize University Life