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eCommerce Web Design Company in San Francisco
Smartphone App Development in San Francisco
Product Sale App
Dating App Development San Francisco
Travel Deal App Development
Dating Smartphone App Development
Food App Development San Francisco

Leading Smartphone Application & Website Development Company

eCommerce Web Design Company in San Francisco
Smartphone App Development in San Francisco
Product Sale App
Dating App Development San Francisco
Travel Deal App Development
Dating Smartphone App Development
Food App Development San Francisco

UC Berkley & Stanford Graduate Team
Sub-Offices in India & Israel
Sharpest Minds. Affordable Solutions

Smart IT Concepts – About Us

Smart IT Concepts is an IT firm that custom develops Smartphone applications and software projects for businesses all across the globe. The founder of the company, a UC Berkeley graduate by the name of Moe Kakar, has over ten years of experience building iOS and Android apps. Smart IT Concepts offers not only professional app development services, but also marketing and promotion by way of working with marketing companies like Google, Yahoo and Reuters, in order to promote clients’ brand and business. Through the utilization of marketing tools such as SEO, SMM, and press releases, the client is able to publicize and gain market exposure for their brand and business.
Smart It Concepts Leading IT Company

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Android Face Recognition App Development
Dating Android App Developer App San Francisco
Restaurant Food Android App
JournAlong Android App Developer
Al Ansari Money Exchange App Developer
Vola App Developer
Tutored Android App Developer
Health Android App Developer
Real Estate Android App Developer San Francisco
Real Estate App Developer

Smart App Application Development of San Mateo – Android

Smart IT Concepts custom app development services in San Mateo offers many advantages beginning from the first stage of developing our clients’ ideas up until its launch. The Smart IT Concepts’ team of web developers and designers offer one-on-one consultations to conceptualize start-up ideas into developed android based applications. From initial wire-framing to building the best algorithm for the app, all the phases of the application go through several trials to test user feasibility and app functionality. For marketing convenience, Smart IT Concepts gives multiple log-in options integrated with Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn accounts.

Smart App Application Development of San Mateo – iOS

Smart IT Concepts has produced hundreds of iOS applications which are compatible with iOS devices. Our web and app developers leverage this experience to provide our clients with excellent customer service for their application development needs.

Smart IT Concepts’ analysts design these applications with user-friendly functions and features in mind. Our analysts offer consultations for all our clients, conceptualize the design and functions, and assess all the details to gain a complete picture for creating a prototype and later, a finished product.
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Complete Smartphone Application Development Process
Custom Website Design Company in San Francisco

Custom Website Development Company of San Mateo

Smart IT Concepts provides customized website development services in San Mateo, California. We develop websites in various formats such as like PHP, Joomla, HTML, and Magento, in accordance to our clients’ needs and requirements. Our IT team has decades of experience combined, and offers professional consulting and expert programming skills. Our team of developers includes graduates from UC Berkeley and Stanford, as well as Indian software engineers whom we collaborate with. As a result of the partnership, our clients save thousands of dollars in development expenses without having to compromise quality output.

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Software Development

From Core PHP to PHP in Laravel platform, Python to NODE.JS, .NET to C-Sharp or C++, the programmers at Smart IT Concepts are well versed in the field of programming to develop software in San Mateo for any of your software or development needs. We have done many projects in each language and can handle project of any size with comfort. Contact Us Today
Custom Software Development Company
SEO Marketting in San Francisco by Smart It Concepts


From error free HTML compliance website to well designed pages that will interact your customers to buy from you, SEO or Marketting starts from the get go, when we start even visualizing your project. To take a step further, we will help you with press releases, quality organic white hat link building, social media platforms, videos on YouTube and much more…

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Animated Business Video Development Company of San Mateo

Animated videos are a perfect replacement of promotional business videos with high production costs due to the presence of paid actors and recording equipment. Smart IT Concepts produces quality animated videos for our clients’ businesses. We integrate these videos to websites and employ the use of platforms like YouTube, LinkedIn, and Instagram, etc. Animated Business videos come with the option to select either 2D or 3D animation, with voice overs in American, British, and Australian accents. Our production team is known for excellent service and exceptional attentiveness when it comes to delivering our clients quality animation videos and web development services.

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Business Animation Video Production Company in San Francisco
Business Call Recording Software Company

Business Call Recording & Management Software Provider in San Mateo

Smart IT Concepts provides the ideal package for our clients’ who rely on call recording/monitoring services and management processes for their business. Smart IT Concepts offers software that manages all aspects including call tracking, call recording, converting calls into quotes, marking them as good or bad leads, and then classifying them into the categories of sales or reservations, all in an organized fashion. The software is takes into account Smart IT Concept’s vast experience with travel-related companies and consumer sales businesses and addresses issues that the industry has faced for years. Our clients are able to enjoy the reduction in the overall number of human-induced errors, results in increased sales, is both time and cost efficient, and thus, making it the ideal program for enhancing management control in businesses in San Mateo.

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